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Anyone who loves TF2 can't resist loving this animation. Very well done my good sir


A very well done animation, funny and nostalgic. The only thing that could use some improving would be the voice acting, then again the actual recording wasn't bad, it was clear and well done, just the voice itself seemed as though it could have been done a little better. All in all though, great work =)

OnionsXD responds:

That may be true. I still want to work on my art and animation skills to get even better though.

Thanks for the review! :D

I feel bad for taking so long to comment on the OG

Honestly I watched this video so many times before I could stop laughing. Amazing video dude, I forgot to write a review on this, but after watching "Quest of the Manwhore" I had to come back and let you know that this is definitely a great and original style of comedy.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


Fuck them haters

You're fuckin hilarious dude, major props for this character hahaha, I would've liked to hear a new melody though, the lyrics are just as funny as the last Manwhore vid, but I think it would be even better if it had a different tune to it. Then again this is your work and I have to place tellin you how to do it, keep up the good work though man, definitely hilarious

Sexual-Lobster responds:


As a Bearded Man I am obligated to love

very awesome stick animation, I haven't seen one of these that stood out in a looong long time. I loved the Samurai Jack audio as well it fit his character perfectly. Great animation man definitely one of the best stick animations I've seen in a long time.

10 for the ZAMN soundtrack

Gotta love Zombies at my Neighbors, and they have the best musical score of all time h aha

Clockworkpixel responds:

soooo true :D if they released it on itunes or on CD it would make a killing

Extremely Entertaining

something about it just wouldn't let me look away. The animation was awesome too

Fucking Fantastifc

Great job man the video was perfection


haha your animations are so entertaining, his voice reminds me of Randall from Clerks, is that on purpose?

Leave it to Egoraptor man

yeah man you have good animation and a good voice for recording, but ego pioneered that kind of animation and dialogue, you gotta make your own style, and you'll earn more respect

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